synchrony halharold1234        Password:  HalSuref1234 6034590071929456 What was the name of your first grade teacher? hal synchrony what city was i born in ; detroit what is the first name of the best man at your wedding?  christine   Account harold ferus jr synchrony bank 1 866 419 4096 Quicken Data:   Vault Password: HalHalFerus12     Accounts:          sweetwater             Lazy Boy ==================== Comerica credit;   halharold12   password:  Halsuref12!@ comerica checking password:   HalSuref12 routing # 072000096         checking # 6817591990  comerica credit Card last four:  4273 comerica ck 1990 =================\\ when calling in password hf46915 3-12-15\\ ========== Merrill lynch:\\ user ID: halharold good 1-7-13\\ password: HalSuref12 10-14-15 ==================== \\ Account \# 0000285400 password: 1403 checking account\\Phone 586 264 1212primary name: harold ferus jr.         routing \# 272485194 : Used for both \\ accounts routing numberaccount \# 0000258360 starting at 25-----\\ Account \# 0000285400 \\ checking account password: HALsuref12!    user name: Halsuref12 good 12-\\ 14-17 checking accounchanged email: 11/12/17\\
User ID: halharold
PassWord:    Halsuref12!
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Christine’s Account on Hal’s Computer Password: CFerus1234!@  win10 icloud for Christine: CHRistine12!@  iCloud  signin ID; Yahoo Account: Password: christine1234 worked 11/27/17 SweetWater:  11/12/18 PassWord:  HALfeurs12!@ In what city were you born? detroit Israel Hernandez E-mail Toll-free (800) 222-4700 ext 1257
MyChart: mychart user id: halharold password: halsuref123!@#  11/12/18\\
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